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Registration has closed for the 2023 Spring season. Please email with questions.


Softball Equipment - what do you need to play? 

1. Bats:  The bat must have the ASA logo on them. No baseball bats.  Size a rule of thumb is the top of the bat should come to the player’s wrist and she should be able to hold it straight out to the side for 10 seconds before it feels too heavy. (

2. Helmets: Helmet requires a face mask and chin strap. Consider purchasing an additional “back-up” chin strap.

3. Mitt/Glove: Use this guide to help you find the right glove for age, position and skill level.

4. Softball Safety Fielder’s Mask/Face Guard

Balls will be provided by the coach, but if you are looking to practice here are the specs for the balls we use: 

  •  -Rookies (6U): Cushioned 10” Optical Softball such as the “Incrediball” or the “Softie”.
  • -Minors (8U) and Majors (10U): 11” Optical Softball having a COR of 0.47 and a Compression of 375
  • -Juniors (12U) and Seniors (18U):  12” Optical Softball having a COR of 0.47 and a Compression of 375


It takes a village to make SSYS SOFTBALL great! Our program is mostly run with parent/family and community volunteers. We are always in need of coaches but are also in need of several positions on the SOFTBALL COMMITTEE. Please email if you are interested in volunteering as a coach or softball committee member. 


SSYS softball does not want any child to be excluded based on financial hardship/cost. Financial aid scholarships for REDUCED COST REGISTRATION are available for qualifying families. Mildly used equipment may also be available based on need. If you are in need of a scholarship please contact PRIOR TO REGISTRATION. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or donating to the scholarship fund please include this donation with your registration and designate as “SSYS scholarship fund” or contact