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The season kicks off in September .



The SSYS Cheer program partners with our Flag and Advanced Flag teams in the fall to create the ultimate football experience.  

Our cheer squads consist of grades kindergarten through 7th grade. Squads practice twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday with games on Saturday or Sunday.  The program will teach cheer, dance and stunting in the upper grades. 


Kindergarten & 1st Grade
2nd/3rd grade
4th/5th grade
6th/7th grade
Incudes Uniforms
Scholarships available 

Important Dates

Monday, August 30  Regular Registration Closes

Tuesday, August 31  First Practice: practices are Tuesday and Thursday each week throughout the season

September 11/12    Games Begin

November 13   Season Closer 

Consistent with the SSYS mission, our cheer program is committed to coaching proper fundamentals and fostering competitive playing opportunities for all skill levels, so that each child may grow in his or her abilities and knowledge of the sport while enjoying a high-energy, safe, and supportive environment.

Please email with questions. 

These programs run on the power of passionate volunteers, if you are interested in coaching or being a team parent, please email:

2021 VP of Cheer: Dara McCollough