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Sandy Springs Youth Sports Flag & Advanced Flag Football!


Sandy Springs Youth Sports offers Flag and Advanced Flag Football programs for players in Kindergarten through 7th grade. 


Age Groups and League Names

Important Note about age groups.

In the past, we have never had enough players to form a 6th /7th grade league, so we combined them with the 4th/5th grade league.  To improve safety in that league, we have changed the age groups and added league names.  The new leagues will be as follows:

Rookie Division:  This is a Flag league for pre-k – 1st graders

Division II (D2):    This is an Advanced Flag League for 2nd – 4th graders  (Monday Practices)

Division I (D1):     This is an Advanced Flag League for 5th – 7th graders  (Wednesday Practices)

**We will move players up or down a division if there are safety concerns for the division they should be in based on their grade.


Our Flag Football program is a traditional 5-on-5 flag football league focused on introducing players to the game and teaching the basic fundamentals they will use at all age levels.  This is a non-contact league, but players are required to wear soft shell helmets to protect their head.  Here’s some important information:

  • No experience necessary
  • Games & Practices will be held on Sundays. (45 min practice followed by a game)
  • All practices and games are at Sandy Springs Football Field
  • Jerseys and flags are provided
  • Buddy/Coach requests accepted 
  • Soft Shell Helmets are required. (see equipment section below)

Registration Price:  $150

**Price does not include helmet. 
**Scholarships available



Advanced Flag Football is a modified version of flag that continues to build on the basic fundamentals while introducing the proper technique of open-hand blocking and pass rushing.  Soft shell helmets and shoulder pads are utilized for player safety and to provide a more authentic game play experience.  Here’s some important information:

  • Practice on Monday or Wednesday depending on age group
  • Games on Thursday Nights.
  • All practices and games are at Sandy Springs Football Field
  • Jersey and flags are provided
  • Soft Shell Helmets and Shoulder Pads are required. (see equipment section below)

Registration Price:  $210

**Price does not include helmet & shoulder pads.
**Scholarships available



  • Friday August 5th -  Advanced Flag registration ends ($50 late registration fee applied starting 8/6 )
  • Saturday August 6th - Evaluations for Advanced Flag Leagues:
  • Wednesday Aug. 10th & Thursday Aug 11th - Make-up Evaluations and Drafts
  • Saturday August 13th - Skills Jamboree and Meet your team (all ages)
  • Monday August 15th - Practices begin
  • Thursday September 8th:  Kickoff Tailgate and Games begin
  • Thursday November 4th:  "Senior" Night celebrating our 7th Graders
  • November 11th:  Championship Night


You may purchase equipment from any retail store you choose.  Here are some examples of the equipment that can be used in our leagues: