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Note from New President

By Colan Wheat, 07/20/21, 7:15PM EDT


A few years ago, I came across a picture of my father.....

Dear SSYS Families:


few years ago, I came across a picture of my father coaching my 10 year old little league baseball team. To see so many kids listening so intently to my father still makes me smile today, but what makes this picture even more special was that 34 years later I could name almost every teammate in this picture and on that team. These were my friends that I loved seeing each week. The memories I shared with my teammates and my father that season have helped craft my love for youth sports today. 


Today, youth sports holds a special place in our hearts. For the kids, it's a chance to meet new friends, learn the fundamentals of the game, release the days pent up energy, and yes, take a step away from the electronics for a few hours.


For the parents, youth sports has a little more meaning today because it means life is starting to return to normal, but youth sports also allows us to see our kids grow socially, athletically, and competitively. And most importantly, youth sports allows us to see our kids enjoy life again. 


This spring and summer the families of Sandy Springs and its surrounding communities returned to the fields, and once again, the smiles returned to our families and athletes faces. As we turn the page from the past 16 months, I want to thank all of the families, volunteers, and city leadership who helped our kids return to the fields. And as we enter this fall, we enter a new chapter of Sandy Springs Youth Sports and our future looks bright. We may face COVID issues again, but as a park, we are more prepared to face unchartered roads that lie ahead of us. I also want to send a special thanks to our outgoing President of SSYS, Ken Bowman. Through Ken's leadership, we can proudly say that Sandy Springs Youth Sports best moments and days are ahead of us. 


Most recently, I want express my sincere gratitude to SSYS’s previous GM, Erin Shepherd (who is currently pinch hitting for the park as our current GM) and our VP of Finance, Maureen Sullivan, for helping navigate SSYS Sports while the park transition of leadership occurred. During this transition, Erin and Maureen have been working with our city leadership to better align the parks bylaws with the SSYS city contract which includes implementing our first ever park wide election for some of our leadership positions coming later this fall.


As we quickly approach the start of the school year, parents are looking for ways for our children to get involved in extracurricular events, and this fall, SSYS has a full slate of activities for our young ones. From flag football and cheerleading to baseball and softball, SSYS will offer a plethora of top notch programs to our youth across the ages 4 to 12 years old. I encourage you to get your kids involved so that the stress of life leaves their mind for a few hours each week. The fall has always been our busiest time of the year at SSYS as over 400+ families throughout our surrounding communities come together to experience the fun of SSYS.


As we enter our fall season, I'm excited to announce that soon we will be opening the first 15 minutes to our board meetings to the entire park so that you can learn more about the park and so that we can learn more from you, the families of the park. The times and dates of these meetings will be posted on the website.


Over the next few months, it's our goal as the leadership of park to announce exciting changes, additions, and improvements to our already amazing facilities and organizations, and as always, I encourage you to get involved in the park as well by emailing


Finally, I want thank our park leadership, our dozens of coaches, team parents, volunteers, and Sandy Springs city members who have made 2021 an already amazing year. And most importantly, I want to thank those countless family members who are behind the scenes that allow us to be the best community in Atlanta. 


Cheers and Thank you,


Colan Wheat